Retail industry manifests highly dynamic trends with constantly emerging opportunities and challenges to address. In order to keep pace with the fast-changing environment of the retail industry, technology plays a very crucial role.

Xenolith offers a range of products which address the specific business needs of the retail industry, both in B2B and B2C domain. Xenolith has a proven trajectory of designing and successfully delivering IT solutions catering to our customers requirement. Xenolith has the capability to design solutions specifically for your business to help it grow.

What we offer?

  • Product Development
  • Portal Development
  • Application Development & Management
  • Infrastructure Management

In the retail space, Xenolith developed a portal for an ITES company and also maintains it. The portal was built on Oracle. Xenolith migrated the platform to complete Open source stack. The portal is hosted on blade server farm with ‘High availability’ built in. We are responsible for IT infrastructure management, Application development and maintenance. Xenolith also facilitates the ISO 27001 compliance for Sahaj. The partnership is now 2 years old.

Why Xenolith?

Xenolith has tested experience in Retail space. Xenolith’s solution and services specific to retail helps you to increase your operational efficiency, achieve customer satisfaction, reduce operational cost and maximize profit.