Product Development

By aligning technology needs to business outcomes we enable our customers to derive maximum business benefits in terms of revenue. At Xenolith, we combine our industry specific knowledge with the best practices to build a sustainable product strategy, robust technology and consistent engineering. Whether building a new product from scratch or optimizing an existing product, our team of experts excel in every sphere.

Xenolith’s product development process comprises the following phases.


At this stage the goal is to understand the technical success to be achieved by the product and its market prospects. The clients work with Xenolith team to define Product requirements, evaluate market trends, host comparative analysis of the competitor products, prototyping the product concepts and ideas before it gets a shape of a product. From the requirements the technical parameters are set for the development procedure and a project plan is chalked out.


A team of our technical experts coordinates with the client to develop the detailed UI, architecture, database, test strategy and use different case studies for the product.


At this stage plans are translated into concrete deliverables. The actual design and development of new product starts taking shape. The operational plan for the product development is mapped out, the marketing and promotional activities are launched, testing and quality control activities are performed to verify if the product meets the original goals or additional fine-tuning is required.


This is the final stage in the Product Development lifecycle wherein the developed product is installed at customers test environment for acceptance testing.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support:

Once the product is rolled out, Xenolith provides services for support, maintenance and enhancements.