Industries in today’s global market place are faced with enormous challenges. There is a tremendous competition in the market to gain supremacy. Xenolith with its technical expertise and technological proficiency enables its customer to sustain amidst aggressive competition. Xenolith’s innovative solution offering helps customer to successfully resolve the complex problems and in risk alleviation. Industries we serve includes:





Financial Services



Infrastructure Segment:

Xenolith has developed the complete ‘Toll management software ‘ for Infrovate. The software has the ability to manage Lane and Plaza operations. The new mandate given by Infrovate is to develop ‘Electronic Toll collection system’ which will be complete by Mar-15.
Xenolith is now poised to tie up with Infrovate as Software support partner on a long term basis. The objective is to act as extended arm of Infrovate and provide services ranging from Application maintenance and enhancement, Level 1 call center support and ISO compliance.

Retail Segment

Xenolith manages and maintains the Retail portal for Sahaj. The portal was built on Oracle. Xenolith migrated the platform to complete Open source stack. The portal is hosted on blade server farm with ‘High availability’ built in. We are responsible for IT infrastructure management, Application development and maintenance. Xenolith also facilitates the ISO 27001 ccompliance for Sahaj. The partnership is now 2 years old.

Telecom Segment

Xenolith manages the infrastructure for VIOM remotely from its datacenter at Kolkata. The infrastructure is sized and designed by Xenolith which is completely virtualized.


Xenolith is the IT service provider for Machine bank. The responsibility includes portal development and maintenance and also IT infrastructure support.