Migrating from Licensed technology stack to latest Open source technology stack

Executive Summary

Getting the best ROI on every rupee spent is the topmost priority for every enterprise. One of the large companies that Xenolith supports is in the business of bridging Rural Urban divide by capitalizing on power of internet and automation.

The company setup its first datacenter in 2007 and invested on acquiring licensed Portal and Database. Along with Portal and Database, it was imperative to acquire Webserver, Identity manager and Datasync software. The earliest version of portal hosted less than 10 applications. Over last 7 years the number of customer facing applications grew by 8 times with corresponding growth in User volume and Number of transactions.

Somewhere along the way, the company also decided to upgrade to SOA version of portal. This necessitated rewriting the entire code at application and database layer. Significant manhours were spent in re-mapping the tables with new application architecture. The project new saw the light of day and had to be shelved.

Business Need

The company is in the business of providing B2C and G2C services to citizens of rural India. Integrating with service providers in the vertical of Travel, Insurance, eLearning, Financial Inclusion and also Government portals is the primary Business need. Uninterrupted portal, Higher go-to-market, Secured financial transaction is considered to be hygiene and Xenolith is responsible to ensure high degree of compliance levels.

Fast forward 7 years since inception, the needs have changed:

  • Lower OPEX, 10% Year-on-year
  • Higher Throughput, 2.5 times
  • Ability to make quick rollouts, 30% lesser time
  • Better security, ‘0’ incidents of revenue loss


Xenolith did a study to narrow down on the most suitable platform to be able to cater to the business needs. The technical platform should have following features:

  • Good Content management abilities
  • Seamlessly integrates with enterprise applications like ERP, Payment gateways, SMTP server
  • Light weight
  • Component based framework

We narrowed down on Liferay,mySQL and OpenLDAP as our platform of future that would address all the requirements enumerated above.


Xenolith completed the platform migration in record period of 5 months. The new portal was put in Production by Dec-14. The migration followed a sequence so that there was ‘0’ impact on Business revenues. The business team worked in collaboration with Xenolith developers to ensure that a rigorous round of ‘UAT’ was done prior to rollout.


  • Savings on OPEX- The cost of acquisition of platform was ‘0’. The cost of AMC has come down by 90%
  • Faster Go-to-market- Reduction in development lead time by 30%
  • Customer Satisfaction- We scored 8 out of 10
  • Better utilization of Infrastructure resources:
  • Parameter Previous New
    Memory utilization 90% <50%
    Processor load avg. 20 2
    I/O wait 5-8 millisec <1 millisec
    Peak Transaction in 1 hour 4500 8000(can scale up further)
    Response time 13 sec 4 sec
    Network utilization 90% 50%
    Unplanned downtime during peak load/day 4-5 0